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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Grading each team's offseason | The Outside Corner

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Posted by Joe Lucia on Feb 25, 2014 17:15

For all intents and purposes, the 2013 MLB offseason is over. Sure, there are still three marquee free agents on the market, but Stephen Drew, Kendrys Morales, or Ervin Santana probably won't change much in the way of grades. At the beginning of the month, I looked at the winners and losers of this winter, and there have actually been some changes since then - most notably, the Baltimore Orioles going from a loser to one of the teams that fared best this winter.

Anyway, here are the grades for each team and a brief explanation of why they earned the grade they received.

Tampa Bay Rays: A-. As the old phrase goes, "that's so Rays". And sure enough, the Rays had a tremendous winter once again. First and foremost, they did *not* trade ace David Price, refusing to sell low on their best asset. The club revamped their bullpen by signing closer Grant Balfour, acquiring The Heath Bell Experience, picking up Brad Boxberger in a trade, and bringing back a hopefully healthy Juan Carlos Oviedo. The Rays also added some pitching depth in former Nationals prospect Nate Karns (in exchange for third catcher Jose Lobaton and a pair of other prospects), and solidified their catching depth by re-signing Jose Molina and acquiring Ryan Hanigan in the Bell trade. Tampa Bay also re-signed David DeJesus and James Loney, while bringing in Logan Forsythe as part of the return from San Diego along with Boxberger. It's amazing what Tampa Bay does year after year on such a shoestring budget.

Texas Rangers: A-. During a winter where the AL West went crazy, the Rangers had to follow suit. They let Nelson Cruz walk, and replaced him with Shin-Soo Choo. Texas dealt long-time second baseman Ian Kinsler to the Tigers for Prince Fielder, upgrading their offense and allowing stud prospect Jurickson Profar to move into the lineup as well. The Rangers also bought low on a few players, bringing in Tommy Hanson, J.P. Arencibia, and Michael Choice to fill lesser roles on the team. Out of all of the AL West squads, the Rangers may have improved the most out of all of them, and are once again in a great position to contend.

Toronto Blue Jays: F. After last winter's blockbuster trade that went poof, the Blue Jays pretty much stood pat this winter. Their only major acquisition was Dioner Navarro, who will be replacing J.P. Arencibia behind the dish. Aside from's a lot of the same stuff in Toronto. The Blue Jays didn't bother replacing the injury-prone Josh Johnson in the rotation, instead opting to roll with an endless parade of injury-prone starters past R.A. Dickey and Mark Buehrle. The Blue Jays are counting on health to improve on their 74 wins from last year, but considering how much work the other AL East teams put into improving their teams this winter, Toronto might be left in the dust.

Washington Nationals: A. We close with the Nationals, who took a preseason favorite team from 2013 and turned it even better preseason favorite team. They replaced Dan Haren in the rotation with Doug Fister, a superior, cheaper pitcher. They return their entire starting offense from a year ago, though Anthony Rendon will be up and starting at second base for the entire year. They added three complimentary pieces at reasonable prices as well - Jose Lobaton, Nate McLouth, and Jerry Blevins. All Washington has to do is stay healthy, and they should coast to the playoffs.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Barely Keeping Up in TV's New Golden Age

Not long ago, a friend at work told me I absolutely, positively must watch "Broad City" on Comedy Central, saying it was a slacker-infused hilarity.

My reaction? Oh no, not another one.

The vast wasteland of television has been replaced by an excess of excellence that is fundamentally altering my media diet and threatening to consume my waking life in the process. I am not alone. Even as alternatives proliferate and people cut the cord, they are continuing to spend ever more time in front of the TV without a trace of embarrassment.

I was never one of those snobby people who would claim to not own a television when the subject came up, but I was generally more a reader than a watcher. That was before the explosion in quality television tipped me over into a viewing frenzy.

Something tangible, and technical, is at work. The addition of ancillary devices onto what had been a dumb box has made us the programming masters of our own universes. Including the cable box - with its video on demand and digital video recorder - and Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Roku, Wii and Xbox, that universe is constantly expanding. Time-shifting allows not just greater flexibility, but increased consumption. According to Nielsen, Americans watched almost 15 hours of time-shifted television a month in 2013, two more hours a month than the year before.

And what a feast. Right now, I am on the second episode of Season 2 of "House of Cards" (Netflix), have caught up on "Girls" (HBO) and am reveling in every episode of "Justified" (FX). I may be a little behind on "The Walking Dead" (AMC) and "Nashville" (ABC) and have just started "The Americans" (FX), but I am pretty much in step with comedies like "Modern Family" (ABC) and "Archer" (FX) and like everyone one else I know, dying to see how "True Detective" (HBO) ends. Oh, and the fourth season of "Game of Thrones" (HBO) starts next month.

Whew. Never mind being able to hold all these serials simultaneously in my head, how can there possibly be room for anything else? So far, the biggest losers in this fight for mind share are not my employer or loved ones, but other forms of media.

My once beloved magazines sit in a forlorn pile, patiently waiting for their turn in front of my eyes. Television now meets many of the needs that pile previously satisfied. I have yet to read the big heave on Amazon Deal in The New Yorker, or the feature on the pathology of contemporary fraternities in the March issue of The Atlantic, and while I have an unhealthy love of street food, I haven't cracked the spine on Lucky Peach's survey of the same. Ditto for what looks like an amazing first-person account in Mother Jones from the young Americans who were kidnapped in Iran in 2009. I am a huge fan of the resurgent trade magazines like Adweek and The Hollywood Reporter, but watching the products they describe usually wins out over reading about them.

Magazines in general had a tough year, with newsstand sales down over 11 percent, John Harrington, an industry analyst who tracks circulation, said.

And then there are books. I have a hierarchy: books I'd like to read, books I should read, books I should read by friends of mine and books I should read by friends of mine whom I am likely to bump into. They all remain on standby. That tablets now contain all manner of brilliant stories that happen to be told in video, not print, may be partly why e-book sales leveled out last year. After a day of online reading that has me bathed in the information stream, when I have a little me-time, I mostly want to hit a few buttons on one of my three remotes - cable, Apple, Roku - and watch the splendors unfurl.

It used to be that I could at least use travel time to catch up on reading, but now airplanes have become mediated, wired spaces as well. And even when I get to a hotel or a vacation spot, my media library comes with me. This summer, I used a skinny little DSL connection at my cabin in the woods to watch "The Newsroom" on HBO Go.

In the past, great shows, entire seasons of them, used to go whooshing past me. Now they are always there, waiting for me to hit play. Like my dog, they are friendly and tend to follow me around seeking my attention.

It means people like me end up going to fewer movies. Sitting at home with a big, throbbing stack of quality entertainment and a big old screen on which to view it, am I really going to spend $12 to sit by a stranger, watch more commercials than I do at home - you cannot skip them in the movie theater - and hope that what I see on screen was worth getting in a cold car and competing for parking and seating?

All the new windows for content have created an in-migration of creative interest. David Fincher, one of Hollywood's most coveted directors, followed up producing " House of Cards" by signing on to make a series for HBO called "Utopia." Guillermo del Toro, a big-deal director, has created a series called "The Strain" for FX. Oliver Stone spent a great deal of time making a history program on Showtime and now word comes that Robert Redford is doing documentaries for CNN.

Even at the Oscars, Hollywood's biggest night, TV seemed like the cool hipster at the party. Ellen DeGeneres's just-folks delivery treated incandescent celebrities as if they were regular people who like eating pizza and being on television. The winner of the award for best actor, Matthew McConaughey, has also been making a big splash on TV with "True Detective."

At a panel about television over the weekend at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Tex., that I moderated, Kathleen McCaffrey of HBO said that television entered people's lives by letting go of procedurals about doctors and lawyers and telling stories about authentic, frequently flawed people.

"So much of the conversation comes from strong serialized dramas about people's lives and how they live them," she said.

The growing intellectual currency of television has altered the cultural conversation in fundamental ways. Water cooler chatter is now a high-minded pursuit, not just a way to pass the time at work. The three-camera sitcom with a laugh track has been replaced by television shows that are much more like books - intricate narratives full of text, subtext and clues.

On the sidelines of the children's soccer game, or at dinner with friends, you can set your watch on how long it takes before everyone finds a show in common. In the short span of five years, table talk has shifted, at least among the people I socialize with, from books and movies to television. The idiot box gained heft and intellectual credibility to the point where you seem dumb if you are not watching it.

All these riches induce pleasure, but no small amount of guilt as well. Am I a bad person because I missed "Top of the Lake" on the Sundance channel?

Television's golden age is also a gilded cage, an always-on ecosystem of immense riches that leaves me feeling less like the master of my own universe, and more as if I am surrounded.

Saturday, March 8, 2014



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Shopping Deals Online: 3 Tips For Finding Them

Everyone loves a deal and part of the appeal of shopping Coupon Code is finding deals and offers that aren't available in stores. While many stores promise great prices and deals, there are many things you can do to help you save even more money. Getting the best shopping deals online requires a little bit of work, but if you are lucky enough to save some money, you will find that the work is well worth it.

Online Coupons
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Price Comparison Sites
Most people compare prices on a regular basis in order to get the best deal. If you are shopping at two or three local stores this might not be a problem. Shopping online is different and there can be thousands of different stores that carry the products you want. Instead of spending hours comparing the prices yourself, try using a price comparison site such as PriceGrabber. Just choose the product you want to buy and let the website find the best price for it.

Online Sales
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There are so many ways to save money online that it's easy to see why many people prefer online shopping to traditional shopping. Learn how to find the best deals online and your online shopping experiences will become better than ever.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Friday, March 7, 2014

HTC One Deals: Available for Free on Amazon

If you were looking to buy a new smartphone, then the timing is great Promotional Code has a couple of HTC One deals for you. The HTC One, which is undoubtedly the best-looking smartphone released on the market in 2013, is now available for only a penny on contract with two of the biggest US carriers.

Amazon is offering the Sprint HTC One with 32 GB of storage for only $0.01 after you sign a two-year contract with the retailer. Given that Sprint is offering the HTC One at $99.99, you will save almost $100 if you take advantage of Amazon's deal. If you prefer to buy the Sprint HTC One off-contract, you should know that the price is $699.99. Besides the Silver Sprint HTC One, you will also be able to choose from the Red or Black models.

If you prefer Verizon, then Amazon has a deal for you as well. The 32 GB Verizon HTC One is available for $0.01, of course with a two-year contract. Unfortunately, Amazon is only selling the Black Verizon HTC One model, but you will be able to save almost $50, as Big Red is selling it on its website at $49.99. The contract-free price of the Verizon HTC One is $699.99.

Amazon also has a HTC One deal for the AT&T variant. While AT&T is selling the 32 GB HTC One on their website at $199.99, you will be able to order it from Amazon at $49.99, therefore you'll save about $150. The AT&T HTC One is available with a Silver body or a Black body. In case you don't want to sign a two-year contract with the carrier, you will be able to grab the AT&T One at $699.99.

Furthermore, if you order any of the three aforementioned HTC One variants in the next 51 hours (at the time the article was written) you will have it shipped to you on Monday, March 10.

Leaked Promo Offers Free 'Pokemon X' or 'Y' with 3DS or 2DS Purchase

The Pokemon franchise may be just two years shy of its twentieth anniversary, but it certainly isn't any less popular than it was back in 1996. Over 75,000 people are currently struggling through a cooperative game of Pokemon Red on Twitch, while gamers who prefer to spend their time in the current generation are using the recently released Pokemon Bank to transfer their old battle companions into the sixth generation world of Pokemon X and Y.

Although the staggering sales of Nintendo's 3DS suggest that most interested gamers already own of the handheld devices, an upcoming deal is about to offer a pretty good incentive to any consumers that are somehow still on the fence. Pokemon fans in particular will be rewarded by the promo...

A leaked toys r us promo code "R" Us ad spotted by Go Nintendo reveals a deal that offers consumers a chance to earn a download code for Pokemon X or Y with the purchase of a Nintendo 3DS XL or 2DS and one of six games. Pokemon completionists who have already picked up X or Y may be able to take advantage of the sale to upgrade to a brand-new handheld while grabbing the other the other half of the X or Y saga for free.

Lucky for consumers, the list of six games that can be purchased to trigger the deal includes a number of winners. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Mario Kart 7, and Super Mario 3D Land are all great games that make the purchase a 3DS XL kind of worth it on their own. Yoshi's New Island and Lego City Undercover aren't too bad either.

Participants in the sale will also need to register the purchase on their Club Nintendo account between March 1st and March 31st. There's no confirmation of the deal from Nintendo yet, but it seems likely that the offer will be nationwide and not limited to just Toys "R" Us.

With a great library of games to choose from already, and new releases like Bravely Default getting solid reviews, it seems as good a time as any for gamers to pick up the handheld. A sale like this may also be just the motivation that some shoppers need to get around to upgrading from the standard-sized 3DS to the XL. I'm certainly tempted to finally make the switch.

Do you plan to use this deal as an excuse to upgrade to a new Nintendo handheld? Sound off in the comments.


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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Benefits from aggregated data brokering by price comparison sites should reach insurance companies, says expert

Specialist in litigation and compliance in the insurance market Iain Sawers of Pinsent Masons, the law firm behind, said that insurers should seek changes to their existing commercial contracts with Amazon Sales comparison sites where those sites make money from the sale of data about customers they help the sites attract.

Many insurance companies agree commercial contracts with price comparison websites that allow those websites to display information about the insurance cover those companies offer to users of the sites. The agreement allows insurance companies to reach parts of the insurance market they may otherwise not, whilst the price comparison sites get a commission on the sales generated through its platform.

Sawers said, though, that insurance companies should benefit from arrangements that see price comparison sites "extract additional value" from customer data through the sale of that data in aggregated, anonymised form.

"Insurance companies should look to change their existing commercial arrangements with price comparison sites where those sites sell aggregated data about customers they help those sites generate," Sawers said. "The benefits insurance companies should look to gain may be in gaining discounted access to the data those price comparison sites have compiled, or alternatively through a reduction in the price they will pay those sites for customer referrals."

Sawers was commenting after the Financial Times reported that price comparison website is set to expand its practice of selling aggregated, anonymised data about its 21 million customers to third parties. The website allows users to compare prices for a range of products and services, including certain insurance offerings.

Peter Plumb, chief executive of, said that the company hopes to generate £10 million from selling aggregated data about its motor insurance customers to insurance companies this year and that it intends to start selling aggregated data gathered from other areas of its business, such as about home insurance customers, according to the report.

"I don't think there's any other business out there that has the breadth and depth of quote data that we have," Plumb said, according to the report.

Data protection laws apply to personal data and not data which has been anonymised, meaning companies face fewer restrictions in the sale of anonymised data than they do for personal information. UK data protection laws do not, however, require anonymisation measures to guarantee that individuals cannot be reidentified through the matching of that data with other information.

The debate around the use of anonymised data has been prominent recently in discussions over a new data sharing regime being set up within the NHS in England.

Comcast Confirms Acquisition of FreeWheel, Eyeing Growth in Online Video Ads

Comcast has completed its acquisition of online-advertising platform FreeWheel, according to the companies, in a deal worth up to $375 million.

"Comcast's investment in our business and our future innovations will accelerate our ability to deliver on our vision, providing us with the strength and staying power that our clients demand, while maintaining our commitment to the success of our extensive and diverse customer base," Doug Knopper, co-CEO of FreeWheel, wrote in a blog post announcing the deal.

Knopper, along with co-CEO Jon Heller and CTO Diane Yu, have signed multiyear agreements to stay on in their current roles with Comcast.

FreeWheel's platform facilitates the cross-platform insertion of advertising in on-demand programming and live streaming feeds, making it easier for content companies and distributors to squeeze more advertising revenue from their content offerings over time. FreeWheel is known for its ability to offer highly targeted advertising insertion based on a range of user-specific factors that are attractive to advertisers.

Based in Silicon Valley, FreeWheel has worked with a host of top-tier clients since it was founded in 2007, including Promotional Code, Fox and NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting and AT&T.

"We are fully committed to seeing our dream become a reality within the Comcast family," Knopper said. "We look forward to continuing to play an important role within the TV ecosystem, working to the benefit of programmers, operators, and our partners."

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse the slideshow

Wednesday marks the trading deadline for the 2013-14 season, a day that has changed the destiny for many NHL teams over the years. It kick-started the 1980s New York Islanders dynasty, landed the Pittsburgh Penguins the final pieces they needed in the early 1990s, and got teams like Tampa Bay, St. Louis and Vancouver their franchise players. Which deal was the greatest of them all?

Though I normally use analytics to answer questions like these, this time it's based on pure personal opinion. Short-term successes down the stretch and into the Stanley Cup playoffs were weighed against those deals that involved players who provided modest but more sustained success. In each case the trade-day motivation is explained, along with the ultimate end result of each deal.

This was no easy task. There have been a lot of great deadline deals, and it is hard to choose 10. For example, New Jersey's famous deals in 2000 (Aleander Mogilny), 2002 (Jamie Langenbrunner and Joe Nieuwendyk) and even 2003 (Grant Marshall and Richard Smehlik) were especially hard to leave out.

In the end these trades were not always the biggest, nor always the most one-sided, but they were the Printable Coupons, and each one has a great story. Let's begin.

All advanced statistics are via writer's own original research unless otherwise noted.

Here's a Quick Way to Compare Prescription Prices Online & Save 76%

The cost of prescription drugs in America continues to increase with each passing year. Fortunately, there are several options for consumers who seek to lower their prescription expenses. Patients can consult with their physicians or insurance providers in order to find lower cost medications or they can compare prescription prices online or by visiting various pharmacies in their area.

How Much Can You Really Save?

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About this Angie's List Expert: Cary Byrd is the president and founder Based in San Antonio, is a free cost comparison engine that helps consumers get safe access to affordable medications and advocates licensed Canadian pharmacies as a widely accepted alternative.

The post Here's a Quick Way to Compare Prescription Prices Online & Save 76% appeared first on eDrugSearch Blog.

Stansted Discount Hub Plans Premium Lounge for Blue-Chip Clients

London Stansted airport, Britain's biggest low-cost terminal, will open its first premium lounge this year as its new owner seeks to establish the hub as a base for long-haul airlines.

Manchester Airports Group is spending 1 million pounds ($1.7 million) on the "Escape Lounge" in its main departure area, which will be free to some customers and otherwise operate a pay-on-the-door policy. Airline-specific rooms are a further option as Stansted seeks to broaden its offering, Andrew Harrison, the site's managing director, said in an interview.

MAG aims to expand Stansted traffic by luring heavyweight airlines such as Emirates of Dubai, the No. 1 on international routes, after deals to boost flights at Ryanair Holdings Plc (RYA) and EasyJet Plc (EZJ), Europe 's top Promotional Code operators. While keen to draw new clients, other enhancements spanning security checks to retail areas should appeal across the board, Harrison said.

"The way we see the terminal operating is with a great level of service for everybody, but with the opportunity for the full-service airlines to differentiate," the executive said, while adding: "They've got to be convinced that the market exists and the catchment area is strong enough."

Stansted lifted passenger numbers 2.2 percent to 17.8 million last year, barely half the 35 million it could potentially handle within the limits of existing planning restrictions, Harrison said. That means the single-runway site can easily accommodate extra flights even as London's Heathrow and Gatwick airports struggle to add operating slots.

Superjumbo Services

Emirates already serves MAG's Manchester base using Airbus Group NV (AIR) A380 superjumbos. Other long-haul clients include rival Gulf carriers Qatar Airways Ltd. and Etihad Airways PJSC, as well as American Airlines (AAL), Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL), Air Canada (AC/A) Rouge, Singapore Airlines Ltd. (SIA) and Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.

Access to the Manchester lounge cost 17.49 pounds per person and offers complimentary pastries, sandwiches and drinks, together with more substantial meals for an extra fee. Several carriers at the airport also have their own lounges.

Long-haul passengers are attractive to airports because they tend to arrive earlier at the terminal, taking more time there and spending more on retail, food and beverage purchases for use or consumption during their trip, according to an Airport Cooperative Research Program report published in 2012.

Since agreeing to buy Stansted for 1.5 billion pounds in January 2013, MAG has embarked on a program of upgrades to the 23-year-old terminal building designed by U.K. architect Norman Foster, who went on to build new hubs in Hong Kong and Beijing.

Valet Parking

MAG has spent 5 million pounds on removing 40 check-in desks that aren't needed as more people check in remotely or at machines, using the space vacated to create a new security screening area with extra, longer lanes. That in turn has freed up 60 percent more air-side space for shops and food outlets.

Retail improvements at the airport located 35 miles north of London are slated for completion in the second-half of 2015.

Shops near the terminal entrance have conversely been pared back to reduce passenger-stress levels, Harrison said. Valet parking and fast-track security are among other enhancements being developed with an eye to the long-haul market.

Should the push to win new business prove successful, Stansted would dedicate one of three satellite buildings where departure gates are located exclusively to full-service airlines, and refine facilities there accordingly, Harrison said.

Unused spaces at the buildings, such as a short-lived mini lounge, would make upgrades relatively straightforward, he said.

Civil Aviation Authority data suggests 8 million people drive past Stansted each year to reach other London airports, according to MAG, with 6.7 million people living within a 1-hour car trip and 12 million within 2 hours.

The immediate surrounding also includes Cambridge University and science and technology company offices including the planned base of drugmaker AstraZeneca Plc. (AZN)

MAG, which also operates East Midlands and Bournemouth airports, bought Stansted from BAA Ltd. amid a forced breakup of the Heathrow-owner's assets as U.K. antitrust regulators sought to foster competition.

To contact the reporter on this story: Kari Lundgren in London at

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Benedikt Kammel at

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amazon India launches online deals

Promotional Codes marketplace Amazon India has launched a Deals page, which offers three types of deals to customers such as 'Deal of the Day' (new deals introduced every 24 hours), 'Lightning Deals' (running for 6-10 hours daily and valid for a limited number of units) and 'Best Deals' (top deals from across the site running for a limited number of days).

Customers can subscribe to the deals mailing list to ensure they are continually updated. In addition, customers will also find accesses to category specific deals pages and home pages to see more offers, Amazon said in a statement.

Different set of products go on deal each day. The page also has an additional feature to inform consumers of all upcoming deals so that they can plan their purchases accordingly, it added.

During the launch week several popular titles from's Bookstore including The Hunger Games Trilogy, sought-after autobiographies like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's Wings of Fire and Alex Ferguson's My Autobiography, popular business and self-help books will be available on special deals. Consumers can find discounts on a range of electronics and computer accessories besides watches, music titles, movies, video games, baby products like diapers, prams, home and kitchen products, fashion jewellery and many more.